I'm Cole. I'm twenty.
I'm more or less, a moral-less individual.
I sell my prints of my art on Society6 and Redbubble.
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Bubblegum watching marceline perform.
chloelaureate: how do I respond when I'm talking about feminist issues and someone tells me "I'd rather care about something more important like child exploitation"?


you just throw up on them

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I like the song, I like the video, and I know it was suppose to be light hearted but ugh. The line just didn’t have to be there. I don’t know what to feel, honestly. 

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I was so excited about this song being about my body type and fat girls and then they had to go ahead and body shame skinny girls. Great. It’s not about liberating fat babes it’s about contributing to a war within girls. That fucking sucks. I’m pissed off. 

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